Foil The Grinch By Adding Landscape Lighting Around Your Lehigh Valley Home

Outdoor lighting is typically thought of as a way to beautify the exterior appearance of any Lehigh Valley home. While it does accomplish that, the installation of¬†landscape lighting can have an impact on the safety of yourself, your family and your belongings.¬† Consult with your Lehigh Valley electrician to discuss the various options in outdoor lighting and what is best suited to your family’s needs.

In general, Lehigh Valley homes and businesses that are well-lit are less likely to fall prey to intruders. Well lit places seem safer and increase the chance of a person being spotted while breaking into or exiting the premises. When planning your outdoor lighting arrangement, there are some key aspects to keep in mind that will inevitably enhance the safety of your home.

  • Placing outdoor lighting in key areas can affect the way it is perceived to those outside and increase the overall security. Lights around entrances like your front door, garage door and any side or patio doors allow you to more easily come and go at night. It can also present your Lehigh Valley home in a more neighborly manner.
  • The type of light that is positioned around your home is an important decision when trying to enhance your home’s security. Porch lights should be at least 60 watts for adequate illumination. Spot lights can be used for properties that are wide in order to cover the entire lawn and driveway. Landscape lights along the driveway are efficient for smaller yards and don’t have to be extremely bright as they can simply provide a silhouette towards the entrance of your Lehigh Valley home.
  • Motion sensor lights are another way to ensure further security. You can save money by not leaving lights on all night but can also have the safety of knowing if you come home late they will turn on for you. The startling effect of a bright light suddenly flashing on can discourage any would-be intruders that may approach the premises as well.
  • You should always keep extra bulbs handy in case one should burn out and you want to replace it quickly.

Outdoor lighting can give you peace of mind in addition to the aesthetic appeal it will provide your Lehigh Valley home. It is a feature that can simultaneously deter possible trespassers and make everyday life easier for your family.

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