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A Guide to Outdoor Electrical Outlets

A Guide To Outdoor Electrical Outlets

Regardless of the climate that you live in, there is a good chance that you use outdoor electrical outlets at some point during the year. That being said, there are some areas that will naturally make more use of this type of outdoor receptacle. When used properly, an outdoor electrical outlet can be a very handy thing to have. It allows you to power devices and appliances that you would normally be unable to use outdoors. How much do you know about the electrical outlets that are on the outside of your property?

For the most part, an outdoor electrical socket is exactly the same as the outlets within your home. In most cases, an outdoor receptacle is a 120v, three-pronged grounded outlet that the majority of our appliances plug into. You can find them on exterior walls, on decks, by pools and sometimes on important pieces of equipment such as pumps and other exterior appliances. Naturally, outdoor outlets are more popular in warmer and more temperate climates. These areas lend themselves to more time spent outside, which makes them incredibly useful.

What Can I Use It For?

The simple answer to this question is that you can use them for anything that you would normally power inside. This type of outlet is very popular for stereos, lights, fans and anything else that might be necessary outside. When used in conjunction with an outdoor kitchen, they can be used to power blenders, microwaves, hot plates and more. With the popularity of electrical lawn devices on the rise, it is also a great place to plug in electric mowers, weed trimmers and blowers.

Are Outdoor Outlets Safe?

As with anything else, outdoor receptacles are as safe as the person using them. Although it may seem less safe to use electricity outside, it is actually very safe to do so. In fact, most outdoor outlets have special protections in place to ensure that they remain as safe as possible. One of the most common ways that they are protected is by using GFCI outlets, rather than standard electrical outlets. GFCI outlets are equipped with special sensors that can detect small changes in electrical current and shut the power off if necessary. This will help you from accidental electrocution if there is a short, if something comes into contact with water and more. To further protect your outlets, it is common practice to cover them so that they are protected from wind, rain, dirt and other elements.

All in all, an outdoor electrical outlet is a great way to increase the versatility of your outdoor spaces. Whether you are using it to power your electric lawn equipment, special lighting or any other equipment, there is an unlimited number of uses for these outlets. If you need additional outlets on your home, or if you just don’t have any to begin with, get in touch with your local electrician. They can not only advise you on safe placement and usage, but install them fairly quickly and efficiently.

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