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Home Generator – Three Reasons To Install One

Home Generator - Three Reasons To Install One

As anyone who has ever lost power during a cold winter night can tell you, the experience is a miserable one. While snuggling up under a blanket sounds cozy in theory, doing so at 2 in the morning to keep from freezing to death while your entire home is pitch black is an altogether different experience. Losing power during the winter is a major inconvenience at best and a life-threatening situation for your entire family at worst, especially if you live in a home with small children or elderly family. When a situation like this arises, you want to make sure you have a home backup generator on standby and ready to go. Many people don’t give much thought to how a home generator could stand to help them until the lights go out, and by that point, it is too late. Here are three good reasons to invest early in a generator for your Allentown area home.

Keeping You Comfortable

Most heating systems aren’t going to work when the power goes out. Even natural gas heaters require an electric ignition. More than likely, if a winter storm manages to knock out your power, it is going to be bringing some extremely cold temperatures with it. A backup generator can power on in as little as 10 seconds and will automatically begin sending power to your home when it detects none coming from your utility lines. This means you will have the power to keep running your electric heater, your refrigerator, your electric range, and all your other major appliances.

Protecting People With Medical Needs

If you or someone in your home has a medical device they depend on that runs on electricity, oxygen breather, etc., it can be absolutely crucial to make sure your home has a backup generator in place for when you lose power. While most of these medical devices will have a battery backup in place for these types of situations, they are not designed to operate on that backup for extended periods of time, which can be a real problem if a bad storm comes through and knocks out power for several days. Having a backup generator in place for your home ensures that no matter what the weather throws at you, the medical devices that you or your family members depend on will be able to continue functioning.

Portable Generators Aren’t Up To The Task

While a portable, gas-powered generator can be great for a camping trip, it really isn’t equipped to deal with the energy needs of an entire home. They can provide enough energy to power one or two peripherals in your home, but powering the heating system or any other major appliance can quickly push them to the edge of what they are capable of handling. The constant need to refuel them can also prove to be an issue. If you have ever ridden out a bad storm, you know how difficult and dangerous it can be to traverse the roads looking for a gas station with fuel available.

With winter fast approaching, it is important to make sure your home is prepared. Don’t risk your safety or that of your family. Call us today and let our electricians help determine what type of generator would be a perfect fit for your home. We can help make sure your home has everything it needs to let you and your family ride out the winter in comfort and safety.

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