Exploring Common Home Electrical Problems

Your home’s electrical system is more complex than any other system you own. It controls your light, appliances, and maybe even your air conditioning and heating systems. A major malfunction could cripple your lifestyle. Even small problems can become headaches. It is important for you, as a homeowner, to understand some of the most common household electrical problems that you may encounter so that you can properly discuss them with your Dover electrician if it should become necessary.

Frequent Light Bulb Replacements

While it is normal for a light bulb to burn out after an extended period of use, you may find that your bulbs need frequent replacement. There are a number of different causes for this type of situation, including faulty wiring or the fact that you are using the wrong light bulb wattage in the fixture.

Bright Lights and Dim Lights

Do you ever notice your lights getting brighter or dimmer? You may notice this happening when certain appliances are in use, like your microwave or dishwasher. This type of problem frequently happens in older homes that have not had proper electrical upgrades. We use more electricity today than ever and your circuits and main lines may not be prepared for that type of power draw. It is important for you to have your Dover electrician come out and check your home if you notice this type of problem. Having it corrected immediately will prevent future damage to your appliances and home in general.

Circuit Breaker Trips

If you don’t notice your lights getting brighter or dimming, you may notice your circuit breakers tripping more frequently. In some cases, they won’t reset, either. This type of situation is common in areas of the home where high-voltage appliances are used on a regular basis. You may need to have a separate circuit breaker installed so that you can split up your appliances without overloading the circuits in question.

Fishy Electrical Smell

While it sounds a bit silly, smelling a “fishy” scent coming from your outlets is a sign of a huge problem. This is an incredibly serious situation and should not be taken lightly. Immediately turn off your home’s main breaker and call your electrician right away. The smell of fish is an indication that your outlet is shorting and it is on its way to burning, increasing the risk of an electrical fire starting in your home. Failure to address this situation right away could be detrimental to you and your family.

Electrical safety is no joke. Any of these situations could turn into a serious problem if left alone for an extended period of time. Never attempt a DIY electrical project, especially if you don’t have any experience working with this type of system. Your Allentown electrician will be happy to come out and help you to ensure you and your household are safe.

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