How to Cut Electricity Costs Big Time

Saving money from electricity and utility costs doesn’t mean you have to turn the heater off and wear your winter coat instead. There are various ways in which you can cut your utility cost while watching television in your couch. Or, having a solar panel for your home will perfectly fit for an environment-friendly neighborhood.

First, you need to check your home. Is there something that you can eliminate or reduce to save electricity? For example, if you have a whole or an open space that connects the outside air and the air inside your home, warm air may escape and cool air replaces it. Look for air leaks and check for the levels of insulation. Check how many watts your light bulb is using and change it with something that consumes lesser. Change your heating and cooling unit filters as it can cause the appliance to work harder, therefore more energy is consumed. You can perform an energy audit by doing above or you can hire someone.

Having a digital thermostat will also help. Because it is really expensive to maintain thermoregulation at home, you don’t have to pay for it at times when you’re out. Using a thermostat, you can manage to schedule when your heating unit will start its work. For example, you can set it to start 30 minutes before you arrive. You can save 10-15% of your annual bill by reducing cooling and heating unit usage, that’s about 70 to 60 degrees while you are out; that’s according to the Department of Energy. Another way to cut cost is to reduce the temperature at night when you are insulated by a thick comforter. There will be no problem when you get up because you can always program the thermostat. However, if you have pets at home, don’t lower the temperature too much.

Installing a solar panel will greatly cut your cost. Producing your own electricity or at least, a part of it is an innovative way to help the environment as well as helping your budget. The earth-friendly technology uses the sun’s energy and converts it to electricity. When the sun’s light hits the panel, the heat is collected and the end result of the process is your very own usable and recyclable energy. It has become very popular and practical that many are now resorting to its usage.

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