Are All Ceiling Fans Created Equal?

Ceiling fans are becoming a popular option today as they are functional and aesthetic at the same time. They also save on electricity costs and a lot of homeowners are considering this option for their homes. In fact, even businesses are now recognizing the potential and are using them often. However, all ceiling fans are not created equal. There are a number of different types of depending on the function, and you need to select them based on your own requirements.

Lehigh Valley¬†ceiling fans are essentially used for two purposes – circulating air within the room and adding aesthetic appeal. For circulating air, the blades of the fan move to blow the air, which can cause a cooling effect for the people. Though it doesn’t reduce the temperature of the room like an air conditioner does, it feels cool below the fan because it helps evaporate water through our bodies, making it feel cooler.

Since it is simple mechanical motion, this option is much cheaper than air conditioning. In fact, they can be used in tandem and you can save a lot of energy in the process. Simply set your thermostat at a value more than what you would normally use and switch on the ceiling fan. This will feel as cool as your usual temperature but the air conditioner is not strained as much, thus helping you save on your electricity bills and also reducing your carbon footprint in the process. Usually, clockwise motion of the fan gives out warm air and counterclockwise motion gives off cool air, so you can use it both during the summer and winter months.

There are a number of different designs available and therefore you need to have a look at them. A ceiling fan can add a great sense of aesthetic appeal to your Lehigh Valley home. Modern versions come with a light bulb built into them, which is a good option to consider for the living room. A ceiling fan is sure to make heads turn because it is prominently placed in the room.

The size of the ceiling fan is an important consideration. It should reflect the physical space available in the room and it should also blend with the overall design of the room. An appropriate size is also important to make sure that you have the most efficient ceiling fan working for you. It should also have enough space to turn.

If you are looking for the very elegant options, you can consider the antique or vintage ceiling fans as well. These do not suit all kinds of homes, so make sure that it goes well with the overall architecture and theme of your home. The design can range from Victorian to Modern. Some businesses can make use of these fans as well. By replacing the internal parts, these fans can work as well as any other modern ceiling fan. You should be careful in choosing the designs on the antique fans and they can seem a misfit if you are not selective.

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