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Home Theaters By A Certified Bose® Installer

BUILT-INvisible® Systems

certified bose home theater installerBuilding a new home? Renovating an existing one? Enliven your plans with award-winning Bose® sound-seamlessly woven into the architecture of your home. A Lifestyle® BUILT-INvisible® home entertainment system gives you high-quality home theater and more:

With a Lifestyle® BUILT-INvisible® home entertainment system, the wires, amplifiers, Acoustimass® module - even the speakers if you desire - are installed into the framework of your home just like electrical wiring or plumbing. You get a neat, clean installation that eliminates component clutter and confusion.

home theater electrician in allentown, paAt Lehigh Valley Electric, we are certified Bose® installers of home theater systems. Our experienced team of home theater installers can specify and provide the highest quality components to deliver a theater experience in your Pennsylvania home second to none. We not only choose premier lines of equipment but also ensure that all components will work in concert with each other to give seamless control and compatible audio quality.

We are also able to take your own list of audio components and carry the project to completion incorporating your favorite manufacturers lines into a fully functional, professionally installed system.

Benefits of Bose®

Lifestyle® BUILT-INvisible systems offer welcome flexibility. How many extra rooms of sound? Indoors, outdoors or both? Want digital music storage? These pleasant decisions are the only ones you'll have to make. We've done the hard part - making sure the system or design you select works together as a complete, elegant and efficient system.

A system that respects your space

Almost all the elements of a Lifestyle® BUILT-INvisible® system are completely hidden. The sleek media center fits neatly on a small table or shelf and blends into your room. Luxurious sound fills your home instead of equipment that compromises your décor.

If you are looking for an Allentown Electrician or a home theater installed please call us today at 610.434.0508 or complete our service request form.