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GFCI Receptacles

gfci receptacles installed by an allentown electricianReceptacles outdoors and in bathrooms should be protected by a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) receptacle or breaker. GFCI devices are very sensitive and sometimes cut the power to a circuit for no apparent reason (Not for no reason, just for no readily apparent reason). If a non-GFCI receptacle in a bathroom or outdoors has no power, the cause may be a tripped GFCI device elsewhere. Check other bathroom or outdoor receptacle locations and your electrical panel for GFCI devices.

GFCI breakers reset just like ordinary breakers, push the handle firmly to the off position, then back on. GFCI receptacles have a reset button that must be pressed to reset.

You will also find a test button on your GFCI devices. Use this test button regularly to ensure that your GFCI devices are still providing the protection they are designed for. When you press the test button you should hear a click as the GFCI trips and power to the circuit or from the receptacle should be shut off. If the GFCI works properly, just press the reset button to restore power. If it does not work properly have it replaced right away.

These devices are very important for the safety of your Home and Family. They should be installed by a Qualified Licensed Electrician and tested often. If there is any doubt if they are operating properly they should be replaced before next use.

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