A Guide On Installing Security Lighting

Securing the place you live in is the first and foremost thing that comes to mind when you think about safety. There are many ways of doing so. Allentown security lighting is one such thing that can keep your home and family safe, even if you don’t want to invest in high profile security alarm systems.

Security Lighting

Most people don’t go for lighting security systems because it requires energy and intrudes in your sleep. But the latest lighting devices are especially designed to light up only when they detect anyone approaching the house. These lights operate with the help of sensors which there are two kinds – Infrared and Microwave.

Infrared sensor generally reacts to heat and triggers the light on when they sense any warm object, such as a car or a person. Microwave sensor is the other type that sends out high frequency radio waves. They are able to detect when anyone comes within their range as the entry breaks the radio waves. When there is a break in the waves, the light goes on.

Both these types of sensors will turn off the light after a certain amount of time. This is helpful to scare out intruders along with helping you save energy. Plus, you don’t need to spend extra amount on your electricity bills as the lights are not kept ON all day.

You can also install automatic security lights for everyday usage. This is very useful when your family member drives back home and the lights will automatically turn ON when the sensors detect the car. Moreover, they cost relatively lower than other security systems.

The Various Types

Home security lighting systems can be of many types. There are some people who choose these security systems to keep their home safe from morning to night. This includes the installation of various kinds of lighting around their house, which is ON all the times. The biggest negative feature of this type of lighting is high energy costs.

Another type to protect your house is the installation of motion-activated flood lights. These security lighting systems use motion sensors and turn the lights ON whenever they sense any motion. Without spending much of an amount, you can actually save cost and alert everyone about the intrusion.

Another form of security is security lights that stays on low power and regains full brightness when they detect motion. This kind of home security lighting is also called the “hi-lo” lighting. Exterior lighting operates in this way by keeping on low intensity till it detects any motion.

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